Benmi Note

Easier And More Convenient to Write…

Benmi Note

Easier And More Convenient to Write…

With Benmi Note, taking notes, sketches ideas, then share and manage becomes seemingly easy and real time Anytime, any moment, you are the writer, you are the artist

Write, Share, File

Handwriting makes technology personal. Sharing via mobile devices gives the technological convenience a real time, fast and warm touch.
If you do not remember when you last pick up a pen and write to friends, family, and colleagues, if you have the experience of losing all the notes that you took last time, it is the time you pick up Benmi and write now.

Sharing, EASY!

Speed is the quality of our time, warm personal messages, not much so. With Benmi’s handwriting notes, and the speed and convenience of net connections, you definitely will have warm and personal touch messages, ideas and notes reaching the other end, whoever you are targeting to, you will be popular and you will be in control.

Hand input

Taking notes, sharing, discussing, editing and concluding is how the notes are to gear your message flow. With Benmi Note you have real time sharing, immediate discussion, and easy to conclude into a task! This is easy.

Work Smart

Take notes, sketch ideas with Benmi Note, work becomes easy. Storing ideas and edit them gets done immediately

Work with Technology

Handwriting notes, ideas joined by mobile convenience makes sharing and filing so easy.

Sketch Ideas

Sketch ideas, and artwork, convert creativity, transfer them to mobile devices, add colors. An art is easily done!

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